Thursday, April 06, 2006

strange sightings

you never know what you will find when walking around a college campus.. mine is no different.

this afternoon on my way back from class as i was passing our administration building i noticed that the funny statue of one of our former presidents was wearing a big gaudy fake gold necklace with a big pendant that was covering the top of his tie. i wonder who put it there and why...

then as i was passing our auditorium there were two big tour buses sitting in the front parking are with some strange trailers about the energy tour. i had absolutely no clue what was going on until i had walked past the loading docks and saw the huge trailer pulled up to the dock. i only realized that a band must be playing there because the only identifier on the trailer was a tiny car bumpersticker stuck to the back left bottom edge. i think it said "i love guster". course i then end up passing one of the weird message boards on campus to see a poster about how guster was coming. very bizarre day...

reminds me of a couple years ago when i was driving around campus with a couple friends and we got cut off by the counting crows tour bus. the driver had no clue where they were going and the lead singer with the weird hair was up at the front of the bus trying to figure out what to do. at the time we were a little annoyed to get cut off, but really considering the number of one way streets and parking lots that look like streets it's no wonder people get so lost all the time driving around here.


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