Wednesday, April 27, 2011

chirp chirp

goodness. i don't think i've touched this thing in years. i'm going to try and get back into the blogging again. although life has changed a lot and there probably won't be many more sagas of nacho cheese any more. i can hear the groans of dismay... :)

so, for a quick catch up. this little indie graduated from college, temped for a while, finally found a job :) now works in insurance although from the product development side of life, met the cute guy in the next cube over, became really good friends, waited way to long to start dating, finally started dating, got quickly engaged, then got married, and now we've been married for over a year and half. i still work for the same company, although i recently switched products, went back to school (yay for the mba!), and just living life really.

to sum things up, this little indie is married, working full time, and going to grad school full time. needless to say life is busy. although i still think i need the hat and the whip. wouldn't that be fun :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


tap tap tap..........

testing....... testing.....

is anyone still out there?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Big News Soon!!

After a long, busy summer, some big news will be updated soon!! Expect some new entries very soon!

Monday, May 15, 2006

long time no blog

i know i'm dropping of the face of the world again. however until very recently my computer was hidden in boxes and was only unearthed a few days ago.

mostly i've been helping my mom out with her daycare and reading lots to pass the time. my wrist is still funky and hopefully after all the health insurance mess gets fixed i may even be able to see a doctor by the end of the week. then i can find out what i did to it two weeks ago when i fell off the couch. but i'm doing pretty good. i'm getting much better at doing things left handed and one handed. the wrist still hurts quite a bit, but i got a cool brace from the grocery store so that seems to help in the meantime.

the job hunt still doesn't look so good, but it's hard to do one handed. for now i'm trying to help out around the house and help get things ready for my brother's high school graduation in a week and a half. mom needs all the help she can get. after that event and after i see a doctor i'm going to try and find something to pay the bills while i search for something better. depending on the verdict from the doctor probably either a temp service or back to the world of home improvement.

on a cool note, my professor got my paper back to me and said with a few modifications and some further editing by her, it would be worthy of submission to an academic journal!! i'm excited. typing, using the computer mouse, and handwriting are extremely painful right now, but once things are better i guarentee i'll be getting that paper fixed up.

mom is calling for dinner so i should run. boy is it great to be eating homecooked meals again....

Saturday, May 06, 2006


graduation went really well. i hardly remember that much from it, but that's normal for important events. although the whole thing wasn't as bad as my high school graduation. better and fewer speeches, more streamlined parade of graduates, and it only took about 2.5 hours. the length of time isn't too bad considering there were 2 colleges graduating together and mine had over 1300 graduates and the other had over 300. however there were a few interesting things of note.
  • i was the first of my major to graduate from the new college that the department is now within.
    • thus the chair of the department and a professor from the department both nearly killed themselves running from the main dias to get down to where our advisor and a couple random professors stand to shake our hands.
    • it was kind of cool to be the very first in something like that. now i should see about getting it in the university archives
  • the college that my department is a member of is the largest within the university with the largest graduating class
  • the other college that graduated with us only had 300 graduates of them only 4 were male.
  • i graduated about 30 years after my dad. we do everything about 30 years apart.
    • i was born a couple months before his 30th birthday, i graduated from high school 30 years after he did, and now college as well
anyway, there are a bajillion boxes to unpack and store if my parents are ever to see the interior of their garage again

Thursday, May 04, 2006

only one more final

only one more final to go. it's actually kind of sad to think about. I only have one more final of my undergraduate career, one more night in the dorms, last move out. i've loved every minute i've been here and it seems so sad that i have to leave it.

tonight was my department's honors reception. it wasn't as much fun as last year mostly because not as many faulty showed up and it wasn't held in our building. last year it was held in our tiny conference room then we had the reception in the hallways. it was really neat because a lot of faculty showed up because we were all being loud outside their offices and everyone was talking together. admittedly the bar hidden in the library probably helped to relax everyone.

however, it was still need. i got to see our club advisor who has been sick for the last year. it was great to see her healthy and happy again. she even volunteered to write me a recommendation letter should i need one, and that she would be more than happy to help me with finding a grad school should i chose that path. my cool prof was there and she also said she'd write me a recommendation letter and that i should send my paper on to an academic journal and try and get published. that was really neat to hear, it definitely made all the work worth it.

now i'm off to study for my last final ever and to finish packing up my room. i'm hoping ot be all ready to load everything into my mom's van and hopefully take the carpet up with my brother so we can move my sister out relatively early. then it's off to the hotel and dinner with my grandparents. yikes i've got a busy day tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


yay!!!!!! i've finally finished the research paper!!!! i'm going to treat myself by going to bed somewhat early.

tomorrow should be a fun filled day of cleaning and packing up more stuff, taking over 80 books back to the library, cleaning the car (if it's not raining), and studying for my finals. taking back the books should be fun just because it scares parents and dorm staff when a tiny girl is lugging large stacks of book to the car and filling at least the entire passenger seat. needless to say the day should be interesting.

just two more finals, moving out, and graduation to go...

finals week

it's finals week and it sucks. i thought i would be able to finish my last paper by last week thursday but sometimes things don't work out as planned. last week was very busy and nutty.

so, i'm on the fourth rough draft and hopefully i'll have it finished later today. my friend erika is coming over this afternoon to work on our italian final (yes we were told we could work in groups. then i'm going to force her to watch bride & prejudice because she is also a huge fan of jane austen and she has yet to see it. having her come over actually forced me to tidy up the place a bit which was necessary after all the packing over the weekend and my clutzy stunt sunday night.

i'm a horrible clutz. i've broken one finger for sure, and very probably one toe as well. i'm really a huge clutz. i broke the finger cutting a corner too close and hit the door jamb with my fist and broke my pinkie in like 3-4 places. i broke my toe tripping over a box when i moved into my dorm this year.

to add to my long run of clutzy stunts, i banged up my wrist sunday night when i fell off the couch. yeah you read that right, falling off the couch. i was standing on my couch getting my pjs down from my bed, it's about six feet up in the air. when i stepped down from the couch my ankle turned and i came crashing to the ground. i think i only bruised the bone, or sprained my wrist because it has yet to really swell and has not bruised. my hip blossomed into a sweet bruise though later that evening. now i'm wearing an ace bandage to help support the wrist as i type, write, and pack throughout the week.

i'll try to update as much as i can, but with finals, move out and graduation all within the week i may disappear for a few days.